Spanner In The Works

There’s been a bit of a spanner in the works, the completion date for the sale of our house has been put back due to a small legal issue with the agents who manage the lease hold for our property. We have no idea when the issue will be resolved but we’re keeping our fingers (and toes!) crossed that everything will be sorted at a minimal cost as soon as possible. 

We would have been on the road by now had we not encountered this legal matter and I’m trying my hardest not to let it get to me (after all, I am the most impatient person in the world). We have very little furniture left in our house and our clothes are all packed away in our holdalls and cases.  The girls were deregistered from main-stream education last week and Jez and I no longer have jobs, which obviously means no income.  It is a challenging time but we’re all very mindful that it could be a lot worse….we’ve still got the roof over our heads. 🙂

Everything happens for a reason, right? We obviously aren’t meant to be living anywhere else at the moment.  Although we’re gutted that we couldn’t move last week, we’ve decided that no good will come from stressing and worrying about the situation so we’ve decided to look on the bright side as much as we can.

The girls’ home education will begin while we are still living in the house (we actually started today and although it is very early days it played out a lot easier than I thought it would). This will give all of us an opportunity to iron out any teething problems while we’re in a familiar environment and will ease the girls into “the school of mum and dad” before further lifestyle changes happen.

Also, Spring is nearly upon us, daffodils are popping up all over the place and, although it is still very cold, I can feel its arrival in the air. A slight delay of (hopefully) only a few weeks means that it’ll be warmer and sunnier when we set out on the road.

Living out of our cases and holdalls is giving us a pretty good idea of how much clothing we can physically take with us. I thought I had whittled our belongings down enough but found myself having an additional cull last week.  The delay is also giving us the opportunity to practice living a minimalistic life on the whole – cooking with a reduced number of pans/pots/utensils (who needs three cheese graters anyway?), the girls having minimal toys and books, etc.


Having a positive mental attitude has definitely stopped me from wallowing and getting too frustrated with the bureaucracy of the legal red tape. I still feel a slight impatience but hopefully by the time I write my next blog in a couple of weeks’ time, we’ll be just about to start our adventure!


14 thoughts on “Spanner In The Works

  1. Alex

    I really do admire your determination and tenacity. It is this drive and passion for life and your upcoming journey of discovery that will effortlessly carry you through this adventure. And yes it means we have abut more time with you so we need to make the most of that. Xx

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  2. Lindsay

    It’s only a small set back that wasn’t factored in, and like you say its a great opportunity to practice run the home schooling! Well done to all of you! Looking forward to seeing you this year along the way! Sending big love from The Masons!!! x x x

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  3. Ak

    Mate you are so right ‘everything happens for a reason’ I am a big believer in that.
    Maybe you’re missing a huge disaster on the road (😳😳 Maybe a bit dark that) or perhaps this delay means you’re perfect house & chariot ‘on wheels’ will now align perfectly with you at the right time, perhaps you’ll arrive at your 1st destination at the right time to meet someone really wise you’ll learn an immensely valuable lesson from. Whatever the reason it’s meant to be.
    The only shitter is it’ll be a little longer till we see you guys. Can’t wait for that!!!😁🛣✌️👍
    Big up ‘Team Airbourne’
    May the Dyers Edventure be upon you when it’s right.
    Peace out ‘The K Team’


  4. Gail Croft

    Fingers crossed you get sorted soon and embark on your fantastic voyage soon xx G, Lea & Bug
    Ps; If we can help in anyway pls give us a shout


    1. Hi Val, the wheels are still in motion and we’re still waiting for the legal issue to be resolved. We’ll definitely get there but it’s just a case of when, I’m hoping we’ll know more this week (keeping our fingers, toes and everything else crossed!!!) Hope you’re well xx


  5. Amy

    Hi Claire! Just knew about the slight hiccup, hope you, Jez and the girls are fine. If you are around, we are available to have you guys for dinner anytime 😊. Adila & Nabila still think of Macy & Lois. They miss them loads. Hope it’ll all be sorted soon if not already. Sending our ❤️.


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