Settling Into The Van

It’s eight weeks to the day since we became nomads and we absolutely LOVE it!!  We’re currently in north Yorkshire, nestled in the middle of elm trees and all sorts of wildlife at a beautiful touring site just outside of York.

We’re a lot more settled in the caravan now.  In comparison, our time in Dorset, although good times were still very much had, was a little more stressful.  It was our first couple of weeks in the van and we were still getting used to how the caravan works; filling the water tank, sussing out the electrics, grey waste disposal, emptying the toilet etc. – the latter being Jez’s job, obviously!  I was also very ill at the time and extremely frustrated because I felt like I was no use to anyone at all.  We were unfamiliar with the area too, so nipping out here and there to get particular bits needed for the van always seemed like a military operation and took up most of our days.  There were lots of positives to draw from our time there though, the girls had a wonderful time at the onsite playground, they spent hours in the outdoor pool and had days out at the beach.  We were also nearby to close friends of ours and so took full advantage of socialising with them when we could.

We purchased an awning whilst in Wimborne and we’re chuffed to bits with it.  It doubles our living space and it’s so warm and cosy, especially with the obligatory fairy lights on.  I admit, it was a nightmare when we (or should I say ‘Jez’) first erected it, the instructions were useless and, despite asking for advice from our immediate neighbours, no one seemed willing to come to our (Jez’s) rescue…quite the opposite actually, a lot of the old timers around the site practically pulled up their camping chairs alongside our pitch to have a good gawp whilst sniggering into their beers.  Eventually, four hours later, a very nice gentleman and his wife came along and showed us how it was done.  Jez drew new diagrams on the instructions, marked each pole with different coloured nail varnishes (mine, not his) and we both managed to put it up in no time at our current site 🙂

When we landed in Yorkshire, we realised that the caravan was displaying a few little problems here and there.  We called a local mobile caravan engineer from NW Caravan Services, who was recommended by the site owner.  Nigel, the lovely engineer, came out promptly and informed us that the reason why the pipe from the kitchen sink was leaking was because we’d knocked it out whilst storing things in the cupboard underneath, the gas wasn’t working because we hadn’t alligned the gas pipe properly and the toilet was leaking because we’d overfilled the flush compartment with water.  We felt like right numpties!! However, every cloud has a silver lining, we armed Nigel with a couple of beers (it was his last call of the week), sat him down in the awning and extracted every last bit of the caravan knowledge he’d acquired over the last 30 years out of him.  Now, we feel like experts, thanks Nigel!

We’re leaving Yorkshire in three days’ time and, after attending our friends’ wedding down south, we’ll be moving on up to the North Lakes in Cumbria.  We can’t wait.

It’s still early days, I know, but the feeling of freedom felt by all of us is awesome.  The girls are so happy and are really embracing ‘road schooling’.  They’re constantly meeting new friends and seem so much more jovial and carefree since we’ve been on the road.  Jez and I are really happy too and can’t believe that we left it so long to before taking the plunge to set off on our adventure.

Claire xx


18 thoughts on “Settling Into The Van

  1. Ros Pulham

    Oh that was so lovely and interesting reading your blog and seeing the pictures. So glad you are all having a great time and enjoying the freedom. Glad to see you used your nail varnish and not Jez’s! Big hugs to our beautiful girls and lots of love to you all. Look forward to part two. X x x x 😘😘❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rebekah harrison

    Hi to you all glad your enjoying it and your settling into life on the road.And I’m so glad you took your nail varnish for jez to use lol made me chuckle that.
    Say hi to the girls and tell them to keep working hard at their school work.
    Miss you all happy camping and enjoy xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Robert Leigh

    Well done for getting everything sorted. It is really pleasing to see that you are all set up and now have the freedom of movement, which must be an exciting feeling.
    Best of luck,
    Rob, Carrie, Owen & Lola.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Amy

    So nice to hear all your adventures. Really enjoy reading it. Say hi to the girls. We got our extension so we’ll still be here until early next year. X x Amy + Imran

    Liked by 1 person

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